Is This the Best Time To Sell Your Homes?

Is This the Best Time To Sell Your Homes?

  • Michael Silbak
  • 02/23/22

If you’re setting new goals in 2022, then moving up to your dream houses must be surely topping the list.

But what would be the best time to undertake this plan and contact genuine real estate agents in Buffalo?

We understand you want the timing to be right so you can get the most value from your current home. Also, you want to be sure that you are making the best investment while buying your dream home.

Well, the time to get the best of both worlds is HERE ALREADY. You don’t have to wait any longer to make a call to the real estate agents. The current market conditions are making this an ideal time to buy and sell properties.

Here is why –

1. The number of houses in the real estate market is LOW

As per reports “After years of downfall, the houses on sale are finally recovering from the all-time lows”.

There is a limited supply of houses for sale in the market. This is putting all the sellers in Buffalo in the driver’s seat.

The real estate market has far more buyers than houses for sale now. That means potential buyers are eagerly waiting to buy your house.

Listing your house now will make it the center of attention. Price it correctly with the top real estate agents from Mike Silbak Real Estate and get the highest price offers this season.

2. Equity is growing in record heights

Thanks to the current home price appreciation, all the present homeowners are sitting on record heights of equity.

The latest reports from CoreLogic states that the all-average homeowners benefited $56,700 in equity during the last 12 months. Such high equity values must surely open the doors for you to make the move.

If you are holding off on selling your property worrying that the rising prices will impact your dream home search, it is time to fuel up the move with the real estate agents. The equity value will be enough to cover a massive portion of the down payment on your dream home purchase.

3. The mortgage rates are historically low

During the last year, mortgage rates all across the world hit the lowest point ever. The rates are slowly starting to rise this year. But that doesn’t imply you have missed catching the low rates.


  • The average mortgage rate was 6.27% in the 2000s
  • The average mortgage rate was 8.12% in the 1990s

The mortgage rates are still below 4%. So, it is worth getting on the train!

Experts are predicting the mortgage rates will continually rise throughout this year. So, contact the real estate agents sooner rather than later.

4. Home prices will keep increasing this year

According to the top real estate agents in Buffalo, home prices will continue rising in 2022.

What does that imply for you?

If you are selling your current home to move to a bigger home, NOW is the to consider before home prices rise further. Grab the opportunity to get ahead of the curve and purchase your dream home before prices climb higher.

Bottom line

For all of you people considering selling or moving to a new home, this is your time. The low mortgage rates and limited inventory of today will not wait for you tomorrow.

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