Achieve the Best Home Value: Protect and Upgrade Before You Sell

Achieve the Best Home Value: Protect and Upgrade Before You Sell

  • Michael Silbak
  • 02/24/22

It is an indisputable fact that if you ever plan to boost your home value, it’ll get expensive. But if you’re clever about it, you might save yourself a quick buck without much work. From just letting in some natural light or enhancing the curb appeal, there are several ways you can get an amazing offer for your home.

Whether you wish to sell your home to real estate Buffalo, own a home in Amherst, or simply want to maintain the home value of a house in Clarence - we have listed down 3 foolproof ways to increase the market value of a home that will not only add quality to your house but also bring hefty returns to your investment.

As the top real estate agents in Buffalo, we’ve witnessed these ways do wonders to your property, so start noting them down!

3 Ways to Increase Real Estate Property Value

1.     Declutter and Remove Unwanted Items

It happens to the best of us- the overflowing storage unit, stuffed closet, and cramped garage are all our unknowing collection that happens after years of living. So, if you too find your house in a similar state, you might need to start considering a decluttering session.

Start with the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom - these are the places that can make or break a house deal. Do one room at a time to ensure that you aren’t making a mess and adding more chores to complete.

Beyond just throwing things away, you can also find them a proper place to keep and store away. This will ensure that you aren’t throwing away your valuables in the name of decluttering - while also giving the space a more organized look.

2.    Deep Clean Your House Thoroughly

After getting rid of the clutter, it is time to clear and clean up. That means now we’re at the second most important stage - wiping and dusting every surface, moping, and vacuuming carpets and floors. Find the deepest corners of your kitchen and scrub them until they shine like new.

Odors are the worst enemy of any seller. They stick around fast and are hard to let go of. It easily discourages potential buyers from the property; be sure to add an appealing but not too fragrant smell around the house.

3.   Proper Painting of the House, Inside out

When anyone looks at a property before buying, they imagine their family and themselves living there. And there’s nothing that dampens that imagination faster than a dull, dingy home with chipped and eroding walls. Similar is the case with too bright colors that will likely catch them off guard.

Instead of imagining a situation otherwise, it is better to set aside a few bucks to paint the house in neutral colors. While the outside coloring would require you to stretch your pockets a little too far, it is nothing but an excellent investment. It’ll add to your curb appeal and set your home aside as pristine and proper.

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As an individual seller with no prior experience, you might not be aware of the right home value of your property. Also, if you check home value online, you’ll only find misleading information. And even if you do find one, you will not find the right buyers.

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