2 Likely Reasons Your Home Isn't Selling (And What to Do About It)!

2 Likely Reasons Your Home Isn't Selling (And What to Do About It)!

  • Michael Silbak
  • 02/4/22

People are often dismayed to find their property not receiving buyers even after days of putting up their houses for sale in Buffalo, NY. Probably your boards, messages, and ads of 'Houses For Sale Buffalo' have been ignored by potential buyers.

We completely understand the predicament you are in, and as one of the top realtors of Buffalo, Amherst, Clarance, and Kenmore, we've had a fair share of such instances.

So, drawing from them, we'll tell you the two primary reasons you haven't secured a buyer yet and how you change it to your advantage- as suggested by Micahel Silbak, a top real estate agent! 


No Proper Market Exposure

People will never buy your property if they don't even know it exists! So, when people go to Google and search up 'homes for sale near me,' your property needs to come up as a potential estate. And by this, we do not necessarily mean just the lack of visibility - we mean when your property isn't visible to the right buyers. 

Lack of precision marketing is what you are facing. You're either not creating the required presence for the correct clients, or your real estate agent is failing to understand the problem.

Isn't Making a Good Impression

Lack of presentation is one top reason your house isn't getting a good buyer. Poor home conditions, flaking walls, untidy kitchens, bathrooms, cobwebs, lack of cleanliness - are driving good buyers away, even if the bones are good.

How to Get Your House On the Market?

Give Your House Better Prices

By this, we don't necessarily mean lower prices for your property - nor do we mean charge excess. The property should be priced appropriately, be it in any city - Buffalo, Amherst, Clarance, or Kenmore. 

As a seller putting up houses for sale in Buffalo, you must be well versed with the neighborhood, lot size, house condition, local real estate market conditions, school system, location, traffic, house age, and pretty much anything else. 

Remember, buyers, know what they're looking for. Also, they have several resources at their disposal to see when a property is being over or underbearing.

So, if you price your house while still knowing their problems, you will definitely lose the buyer's trust. 

If your property has been up for sale for more than two weeks, you need Michael Silbak to get yourself a buyer immediately!

Get a Real Estate Agent ASAP!

Not getting a good house valuation is one common house selling problem that thousands of people are still struggling with. Having an idle property on hand is no one's idea of fun. The best solution to get out of this swamp is to hire an experienced real estate agent, like Michael Silbak, to get your property out of your hands.

Michael Silkak is an ambitious and professional real estate agency specializing in property investment. At Michael Silbak Estate, you will find all types of properties with unmatched local market insights that will guide your investment decision the right way.

Enlist Your House for Sale Today!

Pricing properties, buying ads on the internet, and negotiating are not everyone's cup of tea. And that's why we're here for you! Mike Silbak Real Estate is regarded as one of the best real estate agents of Buffalo, Amherst, Clarance, and Kenmore - who can sell your property within days.

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