A Quick Guide on How to Buy Your First Home

A Quick Guide on How to Buy Your First Home

  • Michael Silbak
  • 01/18/22

Feeling at sea on how to buy your first home?

We understand that feeling!

First-time home buying can be an emotional and financial rollercoaster.

However, if you’re well prepared for it, this ride will indeed be a thrilling one.

Being a homeowner

Being a homeowner is a dream for many people. To translate this dream into reality, we’ll need some hard work, diligence, and commitment. And being a first-time homebuyer, you have to be extra careful.

Before dreaming of how to buy your first home, you must be willing to invest some time, effort, and commitment to it. You have to carefully weigh down the options based on your current lifestyle and budget.

Most people purchase homes only once in their life. Thus, it is extremely important to do it all right. The house you are buying should be fairly future-proof.

In this blog, we will discuss the points you need to evaluate on how to buy your first home as a sound future investment. So, read on below.

Stalk the location

Location is EVERYTHING! So, before you buy that house, get an adequate look at it. We have seen many first-time homebuyers distraught because they think that they have found out the right home. However, it later turns the neighborhood isn’t looking good for them.

Thus, seldomly drive by the house to see what’s cooking in the neighborhood. Calculate how far is the nearest grocery store from the house. Research if the area has good schools even if you don’t have kids.

Don’t miss out on the amenities

Modern housing has revolutionized in manifold over the years. Today, all the housing complexes are bundled with amenities like gyms, swimming pools, spas, etc.

So, while planning out on how to buy your first home, carefully weigh in the amenities of the shortlisted properties. They should fit your budget and lifestyle. Also, take into consideration parking areas if you own vehicles.

What type of housing do you want to buy?

Are you looking for some range of housing choices in Buffalo? Then, Mike Silbak Real Estate has no dearth of choices in housing. From a small studio apartment to a huge mansion – you can find it all in there.

So, firstly, decide on the type of housing you are looking for in your first home. Then, find out the matching housing option at Mike Silbak Real Estate.

Check out the payment plans and schemes

While you will be looking at how to buy your first home, you will come across the different payment plans of the real estate companies. A few types of payment plans are subvention schemes, possession-linked plans, and standard-deferred payment plans.

Thus, it is important for a housebuyer to understand all the types of payment plans to avoid getting duped. Mike Silbak Real Estate has the most cooperative real estate agents that can answer all your doubts and queries about these payment plans.

Even if you are fretting about how to buy your first home with a low income, these real estate agents can come up with the best payment plan to fit your budget.


The journey of “how to buy your first home” can be a tough one. We hope the above-mentioned points ease up that journey somehow. Or else, you can always opt out of the services of Mike Silbak Real Estate. They will make the first house-buying journey an easy and hassle-free one.

So, take a step ahead and purchase that first dream house of yours!

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